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Alternatively, you can mint through the contract on Etherscan

Are you a cryptocurrency enthusiast, stonk trader, or just a general degenerate gambler?

Do you enjoy shitposts, memes, 

and circlejerking in the crypto, wallstreetbets, or Gamestop communities? Have you ever played the perfect card combination in a certain party game and wished you could prove it to people who weren’t there? Does Rando Calrissian always win? If any or all of these apply, look no further. 


Crypto Against Society


is a set of 10000 algorithmically generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain inspired by party games like Cards Against Humanity and based on famous memes, events, terms, and popular figures in the cryptocurrency, wallstreetbets, and Gamestop communities.


Each NFT pairs one of 50 possible black prompt cards and one of 250 possible white response cards. Some will be hilarious, some will be clever, some will feel a little too true, and some will just be downright retarded. 




The most frequently found cards in the set. There are 180 possible common cards.


These will be harder to draw. There are 50 possible rare cards.


These are exceptionally rare cards. There are only 20 possible mythic cards.


The number of possible cards will be based on approved community submissions.

Note that despite these rarities every NFT token will be a completely unique combination of a black prompt card and white response card and is therefore very rare in its own right.


Join the community on Discord to connect with the rest of us crayon eaters for a chance to secure a free reserve NFT. By contributing card ideas or helping grow the community you can be added to the contributor role. Those with the contributor role will be given free NFTs from the 100 reserved tokens.


Alternatively, feel free to enjoy the space to chat about anything crypto, NFTs, stocks, or any other channel topic. 

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Frequently asked questions

What is an NFT?

NFT stands for ‘Non-Fungible Token’ which means it’s a unique and provably rare digital item that you’re able to buy, own and trade. In this case, think of it like you are the one true, provable owner of that ridiculous, witty, or worryingly true unique card combination.

What are the design specifications of the Crypto Against Society NFT?

There are 50 black prompt cards and 250 white response cards (not including future community additions) from which 10000 completely unique NFTs will be generated on the Ethereum blockchain. The white response cards also have a rarity component. Once the sale is live, you may mint up to 20 NFTs at a time. You will additionally be able to seamlessly trade these NFTs on Opensea without paying an additional approval gas fee.

Will some of the NFTs be rarer than others?

Yes. While all 50 black prompt cards have an equal chance of appearing, the white response cards have different rarities. These rarities are represented visually by the color of the logo in the lower left corner of the card. Note that despite these rarities every NFT token will be a completely unique combination of a black prompt card and white response card and is therefore very rare in its own right.

  • Silver Logo – Common (180 cards)

  • Gold Logo – Rare (50 cards)

  • Orange Logo – Mythic (20 cards)

  • Purple Logo – Contributor (depends on # of community submissions)

Does a less rare card mean its not as good as the others?

Not at all. We’ve strived to make sure every single card in the collection is high quality, relevant, and entertaining. The card rarities are loosely based on how rare, special, sought after, or admired the thing the card describes is in real life.

That said, although every Crypto Against Society NFT will be 100% unique, secondary markets do tend to place a higher value on the specific NFTs with less common traits. Therefore, it is possible that NFT mints with a rarer white response card will eventually trade at a premium in these markets.

How do I get a Crypto Against Society NFT?

You can mint them either directly from this site using Metamask or by running the mint function from the smartcontract on places such as Etherscan.io. Once the total supply has been fully minted, you will only be able to obtain the NFTs by purchasing them through secondary markets such as Opensea.io.

What can I do with my Crypto Against Society NFT?

You are free to do anything with them under a non-exclusive license.

Where does my Crypto Against Society NFT go after I purchase it?

The NFT token will be stored inside your Ethereum wallet. The image and metadata associated to your unique token will be stored on IPFS where it will permanently exist and can never be tampered with.

What is the benefit of becoming a contributor and how do I become one?

Contributors will receive one or more of the 100 reserved tokens completely free.

Contributors will be selected by the team for either contributing an excellent new selected white response card, and/or by supporting the community and its growth. If submitting a card, you’ll also get the satisfaction of seeing your idea immortalized on the blockchain.

What is it I’m seeing for the Crypto Against Society NFT on Opensea?

Some reserve tokens have been minted on the Ethereum blockchain and all 100 will be ready to be transferred to the community of contributors once they are selected. The image you see on Opensea is a placeholder until the true NFT image and metadata is revealed after the public sale.

What does it cost to purchase?

0.08 Ethereum to mint a token during the public sale. After all 10,000 have been minted, the cost for a Crypto Against Society NFT will be determined by demand in the secondary markets.

How many Crypto Against Society NFTs can I purchase?

There is not a limit to the number someone can buy, but only a maximum of 20 may be purchased in a single transaction.

What is the smart contract address?


Is there a roadmap?

Our main plan is to keep growing this into a fun community for everyone and keep giving back to the community. We've also received a number of messages about making this into a game which we're exploring, but we want to make sure we get that design right and find some people with game dev exp. Other parts of our plan is to make all the cards easily printable for people to play in their own tabletop games and get cards professionally printed to send to people.



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